როდის შემიძლია დავტოვო ჩემი ძაღლი მანქანაში?

Heat development in the car in just 10 minutes

If a car is parked in the sun, the sun’s rays through the windows heat up the car. Since the heat cannot escape through the closed windows, the interior of a car quickly becomes much hotter than the ambient temperature. That happens when it’s not really hot outside. From an outside temperature of around 20 ° C, a car in the sun can heat up to 46 ° C within an hour. At about 30 ° C outside temperature, an inside temperature of 46 ° C, which is lethal for the dog, is reached within half an hour. If it is very hot in summer, the car can heat up life-threateningly for the dog after 10 minutes. Even a short visit to the bakery can be life-threatening for the dog waiting in the car.



What to look for when leaving your dog in the car

If a short wait in the car cannot be avoided, you should take a few precautions. In cooler temperatures, the dog can easily spend a certain amount of time in the car. You should never leave your dog in the car in summer. Even 5 minutes can be a health hazard for your four-legged friend. But be careful: it can also be too warm for the dog in the car during the rest of the year.


If you ever leave your dog in the vehicle, be sure to look for a shaded parking space. Tint films help slow down the build-up of heat in the car. Open the windows and make sure you have enough cool water to drink. A little tip: A rescue sheet stretched over the car reflects the heat and helps to slow down the heat build-up in the car. If it is too cool in winter, a warm blanket will help. If you’re gone for more than a few minutes, take your dog with you. If there is no way to do this, it would be better to postpone your errand.

A strange dog in a hot car – how do I react correctly

Act immediately if you see a strange dog in a closed car in the heat! If the car is in front of a supermarket, have the owner called out to open the car. If this is unsuccessful, call the police or fire department. This can get the dog out of the car and thus protect it from overheating. The police will arrange everything else with the dog owner.

If the dog’s life is in acute danger, you can break the car window and get the dog out. However, the signs of heat stroke and the associated acute danger to life must be clearly visible. Be sure to film the situation with the smartphone before smashing the windows. Alternatively, you can find a witness. This is for your own protection: you can prove that the damage to the car was really necessary. The police still have to be informed.

Best help: this is how you avoid heat stroke in your dog

Not only the car is dangerous for the dog in warm temperatures. Exertion in the heat such as running on a bike or long hiking tours can lead to heat stroke, even if the temperature still seems bearable for the owner. Staying in stuffy, overheated rooms is also dangerous.

Take care of your dog when it’s hot and move all activities to the cooler hours of the morning and evening. A cool place in the shade and opportunities to rest should be included in the walk. Always take enough drinking water with you. A water bottle and a small drinking bowl for on the go are ideal. Even better: a swim in a cool lake or river.

Keep in mind that most dogs are much less tolerant of heat than humans. Never leave your dog alone in the car in summer, not even for a short time. Dogs shouldn’t exert themselves in the heat, but rather rest in the shade or, even better, in a cool house. Make sure you have plenty of fresh drinking water. If your dog has a thick coat, talk to your veterinarian. Especially with older or sick animals, a shear can make life easier for dogs in summer. When taking a walk in the cooler morning and evening hours, fresh water to drink is mandatory. If you have a water rat, you can choose to cool down and make the walk even more exciting for your loyal companion. In this way you prevent your dog from suffering from heat stroke and also survive the warm days of the year unscathed.